Why every traveller needs travel insurance for USA trips


Whether you are planning a trip to the USA for business, education, or leisure, the country has a lot to offer. From being the hub for some of the world’s best educational institutes to being home to some of the top businesses in the world, the USA also has some of the most beautiful natural landscapes and a wealth of attractions unlike any other.

However, despite all that the USA has to offer, travellers are strongly advised to opt for travel insurance USA. This is because, whether it is loss of checked-in baggage, missed connecting flight, medical emergency, trip cancellation, or any other reason, travellers can secure their journey and travel with confidence and peace of mind.

Here is why every traveller must opt for travel insurance for USA trip.

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance is a risk management tool specially designed to protect travellers from risks associated with travelling. In exchange for a nominal premium, a travel insurance policy provides financial protection in the form of coverage for dozens of risks. These risks can be medical and non-medical, and covered travellers can seek compensation, reimbursement, or cashless claims for any additional or unexpected expenses borne due to them as per the policy document.

Why do you need travel insurance for USA trip?

Whatever your reason for travelling, travel insurance is a valuable tool to help secure your journey from various risks of varying severity and frequency. Here is a list of some critical risks for which leading insurers like Niva Bupa provide coverage.

●  Trip cancellation

One of the primary risks a travel insurance policy covers is trip delay, interruption, and cancellation. Under this coverage, a covered individual can receive compensation for irrecoverable expenses paid for accommodation and travel.

●  Missed connecting flight

Another common risk that travel insurance protects covered travellers against is missed connecting flights. Insurance policies with this coverage compensate for additional expenses from a common carrier’s delay.

●  Loss of checked-in baggage

Losing checked-in baggage is one of the most common risks an individual might face when travelling. This coverage compensates for this risk up to the value mentioned in the policy document.

●  Medical emergency

A medical emergency outside India can hamper a traveller’s health and financial well-being. Travel insurance covers this risk, ensuring quality healthcare without harming the wallet.

●  Personal accident

Getting into an accident when travelling can be daunting, whether in India or abroad. However, getting into an accident in an unknown country without knowing about emergency services, learning the language, or having friends to support you can be tricky. This is where personal accident coverage when travelling abroad can act as a safety net and protect the traveller from financial loss.

●  Personal liability

Getting drunk at a bar and then engaging in a fight or breaking property can result in liability for damages. This coverage protects the covered individual from legal liability for unintentional injury, property damage or death caused during a trip.

To note: Being intoxicated might or might not lead to claim rejection. Do refer to your specific policy document for an accurate assessment.

●  Loss of passport

A passport is the most important document when travelling because it is the only internationally recognised proof of identity. The insurance policy covers the cost of obtaining a duplicate or fresh passport in case of loss while on a trip.

●  Protection for students

Student travel insurance also provides specially designed benefits and coverages to students travelling for educational purposes.

What are the benefits of getting a travel insurance USA?

Travellers who secure their journey with travel insurance can be prepared for many risks, allowing them to visit their dream destinations without fear or anxiety when faced with these risks. Travel insurance can secure the traveller from adverse situations and act as a safety net and support away from home with 24/7 emergency assistance, COVID-19 coverage, coverage for risks up to $500,000, and coverage for student travellers.

How to buy travel insurance USA?

In 2024, there are dozens of insurers and policies to choose from. Whether you desire a higher scope and extent of coverage, coverages for specific risks, affordable premiums, or anything in between, there is something for your needs. However, if you are looking for a comprehensive and reliable yet affordable insurance plan for your trip, here is how to buy the best travel insurance for a USA trip.

Visit the Niva Bupa website, click “Travel Insurance” on that page, input your phone number, and click “Get Plans.” The following steps are simple and intuitive, allowing anyone to follow the directions and purchase the best travel insurance for USA in minutes with just a few clicks. By filling in the required fields, submitting the relevant documents, and selecting the right plan and coverage, you can get the right travel insurance for your needs.


The USA is one of the most popular destinations for Indians, whether for business, leisure, or education, attracting thousands of travellers annually. However, while the USA has a lot to offer, it is recommended that all travellers opt for travel insurance whenever going on an international trip. This is in anticipation of risks and as a measure to protect yourself, friends, and loved ones.

So secure your journey and travel with confidence and peace of mind with the best travel insurance for USA from a leading insurance provider like Niva Bupa.

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