Why choose Guadeloupe for your holidays?


To relax, unwind, and have a good time, the choice of destination for your vacation is important. Guadeloupe is a place to be favored thanks to the peaceful and paradisiacal environment it offers. In this article we are going to talk about various places to see in this archipelago and the most advantageous accommodation to enjoy your stay.

Remarkable places to visit in Guadeloupe

Formed by the small islands of Grande-Terre and Basse-Terre, Papillon is an essential place to see during a trip to this region. You can see magnificent strips of fine sand with coconut palms. Breathtaking beaches are also to be observed in Sainte-Anne, Maledure and Grande-Anse. If you go to Basse-Terre, climbing the Soufrière volcano is a must. In addition, the neighboring islands linked to Guadeloupe also deserve a short stopover. Located in the south of Grande-Terre, you can enjoy the calm offered by the Saintes. A true ode to nature, they reveal a verdant environment adorned with variegated bouquets of flamboyants and frangipani. The sea of ​​these islands is home to species of fauna that have made them famous, such as parrotfish, sea turtles, the young ladies evolving in an extraordinary coral garden. For those who enjoy scuba diving, they can go to Marie-Galante where the sites are also remarkable. La Désirade is also a stopover not to be missed for holidaymakers looking for serenity and a change of scenery between the white sand, the blue of the ocean and the green of the high mountains.


The advantages of choosing a cottage for your accommodation in Guadeloupe

The cottage is one of the cheapest accommodation rentals in Guadeloupe on the market. You will have the opportunity to have a house all to yourself, enjoying independence and freedom that hotels or studios do not allow. However, this is just a matter of preference. But renting a cottage gives you many advantages to consider. A Guadeloupe cottageis directly linked to an internal and external environment. You can choose a comfortable cottage in a space that has its charm and its particularities. For example, you can select a cottage nestled in a tropical garden created by a landscape designer in which you can discover multiple species of tropical flora and fauna. During your breakfast, you may see a hummingbird on your terrace. Moreover, to find the cottage you need in Guadeloupe, there are many owners’ websites. Thanks to various web tools, you can view the selected cottage at home, remotely, with photos, videos.

Before leaving for a stay in Guadeloupe, it is wise to book a cottage to accommodate you, and to appreciate the beauty of nature. In this way, you will feel at home enjoying the tranquility and the particularities that make Guadeloupe unique.

And if you have the time to extend your holidays in the West Indies, take the opportunity to go for a walk on the beautiful beaches of Martinique .

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