3 Secrets to Finding the Best Hotel Buffet


Nothing is more convenient than a hotel buffet ready to meet your catering needs while traveling. Here are 3 secrets to help you discover the best hotel buffets in Canada.

3 Secrets to Finding the Best Hotel Buffet

To find the best hotel buffet, you should undertake research before you go. The beauty of a buffet is that it doesn’t have to cost you much and there is a hotel buffet to suit all tastes and budgets.

1. Visit the hotel’s website

Before booking a hotel, browse its website.

Quite often they post the menu for the weekly buffet (unless it’s a gourmet buffet, in which case the menu will only be available the day it is prepared).

2. Check traveler and review sites

Then look at consumer reviews of the hotel itself.

As you read reviews, check out what other travelers are saying about the buffet. Was the food hot? Was she fresh? Was the cost of the buffet included in the hotel stay or was it extra?

To complete your search, use food review sites to get additional information about the buffet you’re considering.

3. Demandez à l’hôtel

The next step is to contact the hotel directly. Call the hotel and ask to speak to the concierge or buffet staff about the following questions:

Ask them what kind of food they cook.

Do they offer special diet options?

How often is food cooked and swapped on hot plates?

How popular is the buffet in general?

Is there personal service from the staff or is the buffet just self service?

Is lunch only offered or does the service continue all day?

You can enjoy convenient, tasty and fresh food at the next hotel you book by checking the buffet options in advance. By avoiding leaving the hotel to eat, you’ll be more willing to consider the dining options available to you.

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