3 tips to enjoy your hotel stay


Before you make a reservation, read 3 tips for enjoying your hotel stay and getting the most out of what’s on offer with hotel and room service .

3 tips to enjoy your hotel stay

Traveling can be exhausting at times, so finding the best hotels with room service can ease any traveler’s ailments. Whether you’re looking for a luxury hotel or a single room with breakfast, room service plays a crucial role in any vacationer’s overall experience.

1. Get what you pay for

When researching a hotel, be sure to educate yourself and ask about the different types of rooms available. Sometimes a little extra can get you a whole lot more.

For example, you could get a kitchenette, a jacuzzi or a living room. Depending on your travel partner and preferences, these extras can make your trip much easier.

This also goes for finding a hotel; a more expensive hotel could save you money on bus or train tickets to get to the city’s sights.

If possible, call the hotel to inquire about shuttle services, as some properties provide free or discounted shuttles to tourist areas of town.

2. Lazy at the hotel

On vacation, travelers usually seek to make the most of the city’s attractions. However, in case of illness, you may prefer to spend a lazy day at the hotel.

By choosing a hotel with the best room service, your lazy day can become an experience in itself. To that end, finding a hotel with excellent room service is key.

Room service can be limited to basic necessities such as toothbrushes, shampoo or extra towels, or go for the luxuries and serve perfectly cooked prime rib. Make sure you know what type of room service is available at your hotel.

Being sick and the hotel and finding out that it’s impossible to order a hot bowl of soup or get extra towels without paying exorbitant charges can ruin your stay. So, when choosing your hotel, do not hesitate to ask how well the hotel can meet your needs.

3. Total relaxation

Whether you plan to visit every tourist attraction in town, have a pint in every pub, or simply enjoy hotel amenities, every travel day will end in the same place: your hotel room.

The room itself and the room service offered should never be a headache. So, do research on your hotel and on the service offered, because, even if going on vacation has its share of unforeseen events, these elements should not constitute unpleasant surprises.

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