The pros of Antigua and Barbuda citizenship


If you want to have permanent Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment, then you should also follow a similar process as other programs. Applying for other citizenship programs needs additional cost for inviting spouses, children, or family but Antigua allows families of applicants to settle in the country at the same price. This investment program for citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda has various benefits, some of which are listed below.

Antigua and Barbuda citizenship

Visa-free travel to 143 countries

Applicants who have a citizenship visa can be eligible to visit 143 countries without applying for a visa. This is a great benefit for business owners and investors who want to do their personal and professional branding in other countries of Europe. They can travel freely into Schengen countries like Brazil, Hong Kong, South Africa, and other countries for travelling or business purposes.

Access and privileges in the UK

As we know, Barbuda and Antigua are part of the Commonwealth but its citizens have the eligibility to prevail in the United Kingdom and other states. This is a great benefit for applicants who want to enjoy their citizenship for life, and their kids also get a chance to secure their future in these countries. Applicants can freely live, work, or expand businesses in foreign countries with the benefits of social facilities, including education, healthcare, and job facilities. These are the advantages of getting second citizenship for applicants.

Quick passport

The process of citizenship by investment takes a short time period, and the applicant can get his passport in a few days. The quick procedure of passport handling is beneficial for persons who want to fulfil the urgent needs of travelling or have to attend business meetings in European countries. The process does not require any strict criteria from applicants as they don’t need any previous history regarding their residency in Antigua and Barbuda. For being eligible to get the passport, immigrants can simply get the passport after submitting an application and become eligible to retain citizenship.

Favourable tax

As it is very difficult for business owners to pursue their businesses in foreign countries. These countries have developed and stable economies, but still, they need huge amounts of investment to pursue their business career. If you choose to become a permanent resident of Antigua and Barbuda, then you will get an upgrade advantage of its tax-friendly environment and various business sectors. Income tax is not involved in the income of individuals, and they can freely work in a business-friendly environment without having stressful situations of paying large amounts of taxes.

Different countries of the world are opening citizenship by investment programs for individuals to continue their work by making some investments. Among these countries, Dubai is also offering citizenship by investment in Dubai programs for individuals who want to invest in the real estate market of Dubai. All your investment plans depend on the choice of country, investment plans, and your financial goals. You can choose the desired country by making a specific amount of investment with the help of expert consultants who guide you through the investment procedures, business options, and choosing the right country for fulfilling your citizenship goals.

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