4 Outstanding Glamping Spots in Abu Dhabi


If you are not familiar to this, so it is the camping with the great glamour and this particular Arab region is very famous for that, so get ready for this top-notch camping and make trip the magnificent one. Honestly, it is more than just a sleeping bag and ideal for new couples to get close to the nature with having all the luxuries.

Spots in Abu Dhabi

Additionally, you can also have amazing movie nights with the addition of portable projector, so options are many; hence, you should prepare yourself for a new experience in the UAE’s tour. Moreover, while searching out on the internet, you find dozens of services, so you can go with the one that really gets things right for you. For assisting you accurately, this write-up is your true friend revealing some awesome glamping areas of Abu Dhabi for you, so hunt them beneath.

1-Bab Al NojoumHudariyat Island

This top-class spot situated at the most stunning island and a bridge attaches this place to the al mainland of al Bateen and glamping becomes so fun there with the luxurious amenities, so noting it down is a sensible approach when it comes to hunt the right place for glamping. Moreover, with being inspired of landscape, you also appreciate the tranquil beach ideal for reading books while glamping there. Furthermore, this city is also the hub of many food chains and in order to handle intense craving for delicious foods, you can visit a food chain of your own interest. Moreover, from now you should make the Qatar Airways your constant companion for reserving tickets and you just need to go with the Qatar Airways Voucher code.

2-Al Mugheirah

It is also the remarkable place for camping and you can get involved in a variety of activities such as flying kites, planting trees, fishing, riding horses, snorkeling and much more.Moreover, you can also opt for tours guided by experts and right from cabins to more premium staying options await you, so get there to have superb fun.

3-Pura Eco Superb Resort

It is the must-visit place if you really wish to experience the amazing landscape and it is famous as the massive boardwalk through amazing mangroves and there you can opt for kayak along with witnessing wildlife. Furthermore, the glamping experience in an eco-domes gets you amazed remarkably and there, you also explore a spa spot making this particular form of camping super luxury. Moreover, you also experience the cabanas as well as the fire-pit making your visit to this place worthwhile.

4-Jebel Hafit

It is famous as the tallest peak of this superb city Jebel Hafit is Abu Dhabi’s tallest peak. The similar organization that made the awesome glamping bubbles at the Jubail Island supervises the campground. Moreover, it consists of both expensive and static pitches as well as tents for camping lovers. Moreover, approaching this place is not difficult and you can easily reach there without having the rollercoaster journey.

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